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Visit the Hoa Lu Temples

Located in the relic of Hoa Lu ancient capital, the Temple of King Le and the Temple of King Dinh stand out with the huge pillars with the crimson lacquer color.

Ding King  ( Dinh Tien Hoang) Temple and Le King ( Le Hoan) Temple are a unique architecture in the wood carvings of Vietnamese folk artists in the 17th century.

Ding King temple has many rare antiques preserved as dragons that look very alive, monolithic greenstone dragon bed, a stone throne and a statue of Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang,…

Le King temple is located 300 meters from King Dinh. In the temple there are three statues: Emperor Le Dai Hanh in the middle seat sitting on the throne, Queen Duong Van Nga on the left side and King Le Long Dinh on the right side. The intricate details painted in gold create a magnificent and magical space.