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Uncle Ho’s stilt house

Uncle Ho’s stilt house is located in the large garden behind the Presidential Palace. There is a narrow cobblestone path, flanked by mango trees leading to here, an idyllic small stilt house amidst the canopy of trees. It was the house where Uncle Ho lived and worked from May 17, 1958, until his death. It is also a place to welcome many political delegations, heads of state from many countries around the world and millions of compatriots across the country, expatriates or foreign tourists to visit him in Hanoi.

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Uncle Ho’s stilt house

It’s really impossible to find a simple house of a leader like this. Downstairs is a meeting room where Uncle Ho often meets with the Politburo. On the upper floor are 2 small rooms where Uncle Ho works and the bedroom with simple items such as a single wooden bed with a small blanket, an old fan, a rush mat, a bottle of water. In front of the house is Uncle Ho’s fish pond, on the banks of the pond, are orchids blooming year-round.

The Uncle Ho stilt house is not only of historical significance but also an architectural work imbued with Vietnamese national culture. Going on sightseeing, visitors feel very warm and simple, just like his heart, simple but full of immense love.