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Top 8 Things to Do & See during Ha Giang tours

If you are looking for an interesting land with countless attractions which will give you an unbelievable surprise, you should choose Ha Giang for your trip.  You will feel the true beauty of Ha Giang through each of your senses, every step will satisfy all your senses. The mild climate at four seasons easily creates a pleasant feeling, you will feel happy, full of life when you come here; the fragrance of wildflowers in the breeze spread to every path will awaken your olfactory; entertain visitors’ taste buds with ethnic dishes with charming flavors, unique sounds from traditional instruments will satisfy your hearing. The narratives or the photos can’t fully describe the magnificent beauty of this rocky plateau, the beautiful beauty of this mountainous region will conquer the most difficult eyes.

Every time, Ha Giang is brilliant in its own color. Be a northernmost province of the Viet Nam, Ha Giang not only attract by wild beauty, but Ha Giang also brings visitors many interesting experiences especially visitors who are always attracted to new things and love to explore the wild nature. Visitors will be seen giant ladders to the heaven which made from the green lush terraced fields stretching out in the hills, majestic limestone mountains on the rock plateau, innocence in the eyes of babies or honest kindness through the smiles of the elderly. Every time coming to Ha Giang, visitors will never forget every level of emotion that arises in their hearts.

If you are looking for a Ha Giang Tour but do not know where to start, please refer to the following locations what are beautiful about this land.

  1. Visit Dong Van Old Town and Get an Impressive View of Limestone Plateau.

Dong Van Old Street is a small street located at the base of a rocky mountain in Dong Van town, with just over 40 roofs located close to each other, and are covered with moss color, creating an extremely lyrical and profound picture. Dong Van rock plateau, as its name, is a year-round plateau covered with gray of rocks of all shapes. It is a wild beauty and the strange shape of the rocks, the silver waterfalls, and the vast valley that make tourists extremely excited. This is one of the most stunning limestone regions in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. The cat – ear cliffs are naturally arranged with impressive beauty that anyone who sees for the first time will be surprised. This is also an opportunity for visitors to explore the evolution of nature through the millions of years limestone karst. Besides, the local life through the image of the small roofs hidden behind limestone rocks or the children playing on the porch is a unique feature carved into the hearts of every visitor when coming here.

  1. Enjoy the Beauty of Flowers

Ha Giang not only attracts tourists by buckwheat, peach blossom, or plum blossom but also the kale flower. Therefore, flower lovers will be able to enjoy these forest flowers at different times in Ha Giang. In the spring between February and March, visitors will admire the peach blossom color mixed with the white plum blossoms in a cool & fresh climate. Everything like creat a beautiful picture of nature that you will not see anywhere. If you would like to be released yourself into the pink fields of buckwheat flowers which is the symbol of the Vietnam northern mountainous area, you should take your trip to Ha Giang between the end of October and the beginning of November. Early winter – around December, when the buckwheat flowers begin to end the season, each branch of kale with bright yellow alternately grows in every field, every piece of land in this area, create warmth for the winter here.

  1. Conquer the Northernmost Point of Vietnam – Lung Cu Flag Tower.

Although located very far and the road to go up is very dangerous but Lung Cu flag tower is always the destination that anyone traveling to Ha Giang would like to visit and conquer. The Lung Cu flag tower is a symbol of national sovereignty, showing the national pride of each Vietnamese people. On the way to go there, the visitor will have the chance to discover a very scenic landscape on both sides of the road and local traditional villages of Hmong or Lo Lo people. Standing at the top with the height of about 1400 meters above sea level, visitors can enjoy a full Dong Van rock plateau, a long green corn hill, and local village scattering beside winding rice terraces. At the top of the country, on the head is a sacred red flag of Vietnam, breathing fresh air and immersing yourself in a peaceful space, will definitely be a memorable experience for visitors.

  1. Explore the Dong Van Market

Dong Van Market is located in an area of Dong Van Old Town, this is the largest economic center in the Dong Van – Meo Vac rock plateau. Goods such as fruits, spices, souvenirs, handicrafts, and clothing, etc. are exchanged with locals and sold to tourists. Colors, folk music, and the vibrancy of trade make the quiet town become bustling and hustling. Especially, traditional festivals and cultural activities with specific characteristics of the local people such as organizing bird-fighting competitions, performing traditional brocade weaving of the regional peoples are held at the Dong Van market attracting thousands of visitors. Remember to spend your time to join in this unique market on your Ha Giang tour.

  1. Pay a visit to Vuong Family’s House

One of the highlights of the Ha Giang tours is Vuong family’s House which is a special building of the king of H’mong ethnic –  Vương Chính Đức and his family.

It attracts visitors not only by its huge size but also by its impressive architecture, which is a harmonious combination of Chinese and H’ mong styles and a bit like the French fortress. Located on a land a mountain with a tortoise’s back shape, the four sides surrounding the land are mountains, the land of the masters, this “letter Vuong” shaped house is expected to bring wealth and prosperity to its owner because the turtle is one of the four sacred animals in Vietnamese legend and protect the owner from the outside attack forces. Visting here, visitors will admire the beauty of this house as well as learn about the traditional life of Hmong.

  1. Experience the Local Lifestyle of Ethnic Groups

Ha Giang has are 19 ethnic groups living scattered in the valley and slopes of mountains, mainly ethnic minorities such as Mong, Tay, Nung, Pa Then, Dao, Lo Lo,… When coming to Ha Giang besides admiring the beautiful natural landscape with the limestone mountains, visitors also easily communicate with friendly locals there to learn about their customs and culture with many different unique traditions. Visitors can also create a memorable trip by experiencing themselves at remote tribal villages, stay the life of local people in a homestay, try to cook and taste their delicious home-cooked dishes or take part in the colorful authentic local markets such as Dong Van market, Meo Vac market and witness the poetic romantic activities of the locals.

  1. Standing on Ma Pi Leng Pass – the King of All Passes in Vietnam

As one of the most dangerous passes in Ha Giang, located on the “legendary road of happiness”, linking the town of Dong Van and Meo Vac, the Ma Pi Leng Pass possesses soaring and rugged rocky mountains, tangerine clouds, creating a spectacular natural spectacle. The pass road has many kinked sections, below the abyss, which is really a challenging road to explore. In the journey to conquer this pass, visitors will further understand the difficulties and dangers of thousands of young volunteers of 16 ethnic groups in 8 provinces of Northern Vietnam – who bravely completed this road for 6 years (1959-1965) by simple working tools. From the summit of Ma Pi Leng, the majestic mountain scenery with one side is a steep cliff, the other is a deep abyss of Nho Que river with emerald green water, the pass stretches following thousands of rocky mountain, will make visitors surprise and eager to come back here.

  1. Stop at Quan Ba Heaven Gate & View Quan Ba Twin Mountains or Fairy Mountains

The way to the highest point of Quan Ba district – Quan Ba Heaven Gate where can get a panoramic view of surrounding regions including Twin Mountains – Fairy mountains on the side of Tam Son town is very curving and winding. Quan Ba Twin Mountains like a masterpiece of nature and has many legends passed from generation to generation. In one legend, they were the breasts of a fairy and the breast milk from her breasts created favorable weather to help locals have productive crops.

Near Quan Ba Heaven Gate area, you can also experience the daily life and learn about the customs and traditions of the local people here by visiting the community tourism village of Nam Dam village, the cultural village of Hop Tien village, Lung Tam commune with weaving brocade, the Tay cultural village in Tam Son town. Here you can comfortably enjoy the famous specialties here such as Thanh Van corn wine, soybean, black bone chicken, thin noodles, buckwheat cake.