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Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature is always a tourist destination to explore Hanoi.

Temple of Literature is a historical monument that symbolizes Vietnam’s cultural development process as well as an icon of traditional Vietnamese architecture. It was built by King Ly Thanh Tong of the Ly Dynasty in 1070.

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Temple of Literature

The architectural complex of here includes Literature Lake, Giam Garden, Temple of Literature where worship Confucius and his great students, Quoc Tu Giam which is considered as the first university of Viet Nam. During the feudal period of Vietnam, especially under the Ly, Tran and Le dynasties, it was the most important educational center of the country, teaching its scholars principles of literature, poetry, Confucianism. In 1484, during the reign of King Le Thanh Tong, to honor the talent doctorates, the king erected beer and engraved names for those who passed the exam from 1442 onwards. Each examination was a stele placed on the back of the turtle. Over a long period of time with major historical events of the nation, the Temple of Literature still preserves 82 steles of 1304 doctor laureates. And this place becomes a sacred place for Vietnamese students to pray for their dreams before important examinations and to take photos to commemorate their graduation.

Every inner space is built with different special architecture and is separated by 3 gates: the big gate in the middle, two small ports on the sides. It is really a unique literary space with ancient architecture in the bustling modern city center