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Sung Sot Cave ( Surprising Cave)

Sung Sot cave , Suprising caves or Amazing caves is located on Bo Hon Island which is considered to be the heart of Halong bay.

With an area of 10.000 square meters, Sung Sot cave is the biggest cave of Halong bay.

After a little bit trekking, visitors will admire the wonder of this cave with special structure, diversity of shapes of stalactites.

Surprising Cave

Surprising Cave

The Suprising caves are divided into 2 main chambers. In the first chamber, there are thousands of stalactites as if falling from above. Get to the second chamber – more massive than the first one by a narrow passageway from the first one, the visitor will reach out to many stalactites which have diverse shapes like horses, long swords, mammoths, elephants, seals, flowers,… With a little more imagination, the trip of tourists will certainly be a lot more interesting.

Sung Sot cave is also the most beautiful cave of Halong, that reason why it is very crowded every time, however, it is still worth to spend the time here as the unique beauty and architecture.