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Museum of Ethnology

For many visitors when traveling to Hanoi, the Museum is always on the list of places must-see and can’t miss.

It is around 8 kilometers from the Old Quarter, Museum of Ethnology is located on Nguyen Van Huyen street. The museum is like a miniature picture of the history and culture of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam with diverse cultural features.

The museum is divided into three main display areas: Trong Dong building, the outdoor exhibition area, and the Southeast Asia exhibition area.

Trong Dong building: Artifacts are displayed in many different types such as costumes, jewelry, weapons, musical instruments, religion, beliefs, and many other spiritual activities. According to current statistics, there is a total of 15,000 artifacts, 237 sounds, 42,000 photos, and documents of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam are displayed here, this is a great resource for visitors to discover Vietnam.

After visiting the Trong Dong building, visitors will see a large yard, it is an outdoor display area. Here, visitors will come across the unique architecture of the local people such as the Tay stilt house, the Ed stilt house, the ground floor of the Pom’d plank of H’mong people and a mortar pounded rice with water power of the Dao,…

Visitors can observe and learn about traditional life and culture of the ethnic minorities through a number of traditional events on display such as wedding and funerals ceremonies, Lunar New Year customs, social activities,…

Lastly, visitors can visit Southeast Asia exhibit space inside the museum. This is a display area was built in the shape of a kite – a traditional culture not only for Vietnam but also for the ASEAN region. Kite symbolizes dreams, ambitions, and freedom.