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Hike your way to the temples of Trang An by Trang An boat tour

While joining the trip to Trang An boat tour, you should pay more attention to the beautiful architecture pagodas located in the middle of the mountains and rivers.

The spiritual works at Trang An do not have the grand scale, but they bring solemn, sacred values ​​from the history, and downs of time.

Trinh Temple has a history of about 1,000 years old, located at the foot of Trang An Mountain with the position: the back on a mountain, face to face with the water. Thanks to the preservation and remodeling of local authorities, the temple retains intricate structures from ancient times and outside becomes more spacious and beautiful.

Tran Temple is a small but famous sacred temple in the North, it was built a long time ago, from the Dinh Dynasty. In the 13th century, King Tran Thai Tong discovered and renovated it, so its name “Tran Temple” until to this day.

They are two temples representing the unique architecture of the spiritual works here for Trang An boat tour. In addition, Tu Tru Temple and Dia Linh Temple are also worth for tourists to visit.