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Halong Bay Tours

If you travel to Vietnam but you do not visit Halong Bay, it means you have not been to Vietnam yet. Halong bay was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO twice in 1994 and 2000, furthermore, in 2012 it was recognized as one of New Seven Nature Wonder of the world. Halong bay is the central zone of the larger area which includes Lan Ha Bay to the Southwest with Cat ba island, Bai Tu Long Bay to the Northeast. These are top Halong Bay tours you should know before travelling to Halong Bay:

Best halong bay day tour from hanoi

Until present, Halong bay still has many archaeological values and geological which are unexplored. Especially with the unique cave population, Halong has always been an attractive tourist destination for travelers around the world when coming to Vietnam to visit and explore.


1. Take a seaplane

The number one of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to take a sea plane. There is no better way to visit Halong Bay than take a seaplane which gives you a unique experience compared to any other kind of transportation.

From Hanoi to Halong Bay, you can enjoy the fabulous picturesque overview of the Red River Delta. After 45 minutes, you will arrive at Halong bay instead of 2.0- 3.5 hours traveling by car.

The seaplane trip can be extended for 15 minutes scenic tour over the bay, you can enjoy the view of thousand limestone islands and islets jutting up from the crystal green water and the remote fishing village before landing on Tuan Chau marina.

2. Shop at Halong night market

The number second of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to shop at Halong night market. Halong night market is a good idea to hang out in the evening. The market is located along Bai Chay beach in the center of Halong city. 

There are hundreds of stalls with diverse products from fresh fruit, drink, handicraft, souvenirs, T-shirts, handmade accessories, etc. You can buy some unique products made from seashells, snails such as earrings, necklaces, the paradigm of boats or famous architectures.  The great thing is sellers are friendly with advanced English skills.

3. Cruise Halong in a day

The number third of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to cruise Halong in a day. If you cannot stay overnight in Halong Bay, you can choose a day trip boat with 4-8 hours visit Halong Bay.

Many of new metal boats which are bigger and safer will take you cruising in the middle of the bay, going between islands and islets while you have lunch on the boat. During that time, you can see the most well-known islets to the smallest one that you can name them by yourself.

You can go with different routes to visit a cave, hiking or kayaking depend on the operator you book with.

4. Go kayaking around the karst formations

The number fourth of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to go kayaking around the kast informations Kayaking is an interesting outdoor activity in Halong Bay which is included in all kinds of trips, so just go ahead with it.

Do not be afraid if you cannot swim as kayaking in Halong bay normally for 2 people per kayak. Furthermore, Halong Bay Administration has fixed the specific area for kayaking with safety, no strong waves and big boats cannot move around.

5. Sleep on a boat

The number fifth of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to sleep on a boat. For visiting Halong bay, there are many different options that you can choose: day trip, stay overnight at a hotel in Halong city, stay overnight on the island, etc… However, stay overnight on a boat is one of the best recommendations.

There are many different boats with different prices and standard, hence, you can easy to find one match with your budget. 

The cabin on boat comes with air-conditioning and a bathroom inside with full facilities. The meals are included in the price with set menu, buffet or barbecue style.

The boats will go with the same route which is fixed by Halong Bay Administration, however, if you want to go with a beaten track, you can book a private boat with 1 cabin for 2 people or 2-3 cabins with family or friends.

6. Go night squid fishing

The number sixth of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to go night squid fishing. Choosing one night to stay on a cruise for Halong bay trip is the perfect option if you have enough time. 

After dinner, it’s time for you to enjoy the quiet and sparking Halong bay. However, most tourists are very excited about squid fishing activity at the back of the cruise. The cruise members will prepare the fishing rode for each of you, a strong light shines up to the water to attract squid.

The high season for squid fishing is in winter and spring from November till April, especially on misty days. 

7. Take a cycling tour

The number seventh of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to take a sea plane Cycling is an interesting outdoor activity to deeply enjoy the beauty and quiet atmosphere in Halong bay. The most popular cycling place is in Viet Hai village, located on Cat Ba island and belongs to the core of Cat ba national park.

The biking trip will bring you a unique experience and delight all of your senses: go along the road with ocean one side and the steep cliffs on the other side, interact with local people.

8. Shop at Cat Ba Island Market

The number eighth of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to shop at Cat Ba Island Market. During the time staying on Cat Ba Island, you can visit Cat Ba market at the center of the island – ¼ street. This is the typical Vietnamese market, everything from fresh seafood to simple electronics and souvenirs can be found here.

The market opens from early morning till evening, then the sellers move to the night market on the main road near there. However, at the night market, you only can buy some simple souvenirs only.

There are some minimart and supermarkets in the town but you can easy to buy anything at the shop along the streets.

9. Dine on a seafood barbecue

The number nineth of Tops 9 things to do in Halong bay is to dine on a seafood barbecue. On the island, there are various restaurants, coffee shops with different options at the center of Cat Ba Island. Most of them offer Vietnamese cuisine but you can easy to find European, Thai, Indian food.

However, there is no reason to refuse a barbecue dinner when you are on an island in the middle of the sea. Besides a lot of restaurants, you should try the floating restaurant for a romantic atmosphere. 

Until present, Halong bay still has many archaeological values and geological which are unexplored. Especially with the unique cave population, Halong has always been an attractive tourist destination for travelers around the world when coming to Vietnam to visit and explore.

1. Sung Sot Cave ( Surprising Cave)

Sung Sot cave is located on Bo Hon Island which is considered to be the heart of Halong bay.

With an area of 10.000 square meters, Sung Sot cave is the biggest cave of Halong bay.

After a little bit trekking, visitors will admire the wonder of this cave with special structure, diversity of shapes of stalactites.

The cave is divided into 2 main chambers. In the first chamber, there are thousands of stalactites as if falling from above. Get to the second chamber – more massive than the first one by a narrow passageway from the first one, the visitor will reach out to many stalactites which have diverse shapes like horses, long swords, mammoths, elephants, seals, flowers,… With a little more imagination, the trip of tourists will certainly be a lot more interesting.

Sung Sot cave is also the most beautiful cave of Halong, that reason why it is very crowded every time, however, it is still worth to spend the time here as the unique beauty and architecture.

2. Tien Ong Cave

Tien Ong cave is also called “God Cave”. It is situated on Cai Tai Island, near the Cua Van Fishing Village in Halong bay.

Tien Ong Cave is different from other cave in Halong bay with entrance wide (50m) and high (14m), the cave is deep underground about 50 meters with acreage is around 1,000 square meters.

It officially opened 10 years ago – 2010, later than so many other caves that’s why it isn’t top attractive points in Halong bay. However its attraction is increasing base on real value of archaeological history and the beautiful landscape of stalactities.

The stone artifacts, animal bones, pottery shards, shells and ancient tools which have date 10.000 – 2000 BC have been found and are showing inside the cave. They contain a lot of human history information in Vietnam in particular and the Earth in general.

This will be an ideal destination for travelers who prefer tranquility and desire to expand their historical knowledge.

3. Thien Cung Cave ( Heaven Cave)

Thien Cung cave is located on Dau Go island, far from Tuan Chau harbor only 4 kilometers.

It will be a little bit challenging when visitors have to cross slippery stairs and a path covered by many trees to visit and explore Thien Cung Cave. However with the breathtaking beauty of the stalactites and incredibly vivid rock paintings in history legend, visitors will feel it is worth coming here.

With the unique light in 10.000 square meters, the cave becomes more mysterious like its name “ Heaven”

4. Dau Go (Wooden Stakes) Cave

Dau Go cave is located on Dau Go island, far from Thien Cung cave 300 meters.

After climbing 90 rocky steps, we will find  Dau Go cave with the area is around 5000 square meters.

Like many other caves, there are many stalagmites, stalactites with unique natural architecture and the most attractive of this cave is a freshwater lake.

Moreover, here is a historical monument of the battle to defend the fatherland from more than 700 years ago. In 1288, under the genius leadership of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, our militia defeated the invasion of Mongolia – the most powerful military empire in the world at that time. The wooden stakes are found here and the Bach Dang River. They are the evidence for the strategic military manipulation of Tran Hung Dao legend.

5. Luon (Tunnel) Cave.

Luon Cave is one of the most attractive destinations in Halong bay. It is located on Bo Hon Islands – in the south of Tuan Chau harbor and the distance to Surprising Cave is only 1 kilometer.

In fact, Luon Cave is an outdoor water cave, it is a circle made of majestic and high limestone cliffs rising from the sea, with the entrance is a small arc cliff.

To get inside the peaceful waters inside the cave, visitors can only choose kayaking by their self or bamboo boat with local people. Visitors will have a great experience with these activities.

Luon Cave becomes an indispensable step in the journey to explore Halong Bay of travelers.

 6. Dark and Bright Cave

Dark and Bright Cave is located on Lan Ha Bay area – a quiet part of Halong bay, is known as the other name is Day and Night Cave.

The beautiful limestone structure of the cave chains will create a great experience for visitors with kayaking.

And visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the natural habitat here, they are monkeys on large trees, orchids, and fragrant flowers on the cliffs and sea creatures like shrimp, crabs, corals, jellyfish,… in the clear water.

This is truly a perfect destination for the adventurous.

7. Me Cung Cave

From Titop Island, move another 2km to the southwest, visitors will see Lo Bom Island and Me Cung cave lies here at an altitude 25 meters above sea level.

It has numerous compartments connected by a small corridor that is only enough for one person to move in an area about 100 square meters.

The stalactites inside the cave under the light from outside have turned the scenery into sparkling and mysterious

Its cultural and historical value was asserted by archaeologists when it found fossils from 7000-10000 years ago.

8. Trinh Nu ( Virgin Cave)

Located in a position like the heart of the Bo Hon Islands, Trinh Nu Cave brings the beauty of heaven to Halong Bay and the humane values of the country and the people of Vietnam.

The girl in a love story is the representative of the faithfulness of Vietnamese women. Just because she refused to be the concubine of a rich man in this bay, she was exiled here. After a period of deprivation of food and water, she was finally exhausted and in a stormy night in the middle of the sea, she petrified. People have more grounds to believe in the legend because in the cave there is a stone in the shape of a girl with long hair as if lying down but still looking towards the sea, looking and waiting for her lover.

Under the light of the sun, the rocks and stalactites in the cave cover themselves with a beautiful halo

The natural beauty is so simple but also magical, along with the archaeological values ​​of thousands of years ago was discovered, Virgin Cave has always attracted tourists to visit and explore.