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Dau Go (Wooden Stakes) Cave

Dau Go cave is located on Dau Go island, far from Thien Cung cave 300 meters.

After climbing 90 rocky steps, we will find  Dau Go cave with the area is around 5000 square meters.

Dau Go Caves

                                                               Dau Go Caves

Like many other caves, there are many stalagmites, stalactites with unique natural architecture and the most attractive of this Dau go cave is a freshwater lake.

Moreover, Dau Go cave is a historical monument of the battle to defend the fatherland from more than 700 years ago. In 1288, under the genius leadership of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, our militia defeated the invasion of Mongolia – the most powerful military empire in the world at that time. The wooden stakes are found here and the Bach Dang River. They are the evidence for the strategic military manipulation of Tran Hung Dao legend.